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Portugal at the Olympic Games

The Portuguese Olympic Committee

Although the International Olympic Committee had a representative in Portugal since 1906 (Dr. D. António de Lencastre), only from 1909 if I was the Portuguese Olympic Committee. Born Society Promotion of Physical Education and National was as president Dr. Mauperrin Santos, former president of that Society. The purpose of the constitution of the Portuguese Olympic Committee I was the commitment of our country's participation in the Games of the V Olympiad in Stockholm in 1912. Indeed, this happened and Portugal was represented.

The Committee was preparing to participate in the Games of 1916 held in Berlin, but due to World War I, these Games is not done. The activity of COP was thus reduced, stressing, however the work that Dr. Joseph Bridges, Secretary General of the First Committee and then President of III, was the recovery of the mutilated war.

By decree of 14 August 1919, signed by the Minister of Education Dr. Canto e Castro, was recognized and the Committee granted a subsidy. He said the decree "Whereas it is urgent to establish a sports agency ... preparing the team representing Canada in J. O. International '; Was thus created, the COP II.

Invited to chair, Dr. Joseph Bridges refused to be committed to the recovery of the mutilated. 9 members were appointed, chaired by Commander Prestes Salgueiro who organized the COP.

Portuguese medals in Olympic Games

The following table summarizes the medals of gold, silver and bronze won by Portugal in all editions of the Gam.

Year City Athlete Proof Classification
1924 Paris António Borges de Almeida,
Hélder de Sousa Martins, Luís Cardoso Meneses and José Mouzinho de Albuquerque
Prix of Nations
1928 Amsterdam Mário de Noronha, Paulo d'Eça Leal,
Jorge Paiva, Frederico Paredes, João Sasseti and Henrique da Silveira
Fencing, sword (teams) Bronze
1936 Berlin Luís Mena e Silva com Fossette,
Domingos de Sousa Coutinho with Merle Blanc and José Beltrão com Biscuit
Prix of Nations
  1948 London Fernando Silva Paes with Matamas,
Francisco Valadas Jr. with Feitiço and
Luís Mena e Silva com Fascinante,
Prix of Nations
    Duarte Bello and Fernando Bello Vela (Swallow) Silver
1952 Helsinki Joaquim Mascarenhas Fiúza and
Francisco Rebello de Andrade
Vela, Star class Bronze
1960 Rome Mário Gentil Quina and José Manuel Gentil Quina Vela, Star class Silver
1976 Montreal Carlos Lopes Athletics, 10.000 m. Silver
    Armando Marques Shooting Silver
    António Leitão Athletics, 5.000 m. Silver
1984 Los Angeles Carlos Lopes Marathon Gold
    Rosa Mota Marathon Bronze
1988 Seoul Rosa Mota Marathon Gold
1996 Atlanta Fernanda Ribeiro Athletics, 10.000 m. Gold
    Vítor Hugo Rocha and Nuno Barreto Vela, class 470 Bronze
2000 Sydney Fernanda Ribeiro Athletics, 10.000 m. Bronze
    Nuno Delgado Judo, 73-81 kg Bronze
    Francis Obikwelu Athletics, 100m. Silver
2004 Athens Rui Silva Athletics, 1.500 m. Bronze
    Sérgio Paulinho Cycling,
Proof of road
2008 Beijing Vanessa Fernandes Triathlon Silver
    Nelson Évora Athletics, Triple-jump Gold

Portugal in the Olympic Winter Games

For obvious climatic reasons, Portugal is in the tradition of winter sports. Thus it is not surprising the small Portuguese participation in the Winter Games throughout their successive editions. Moreover, with the exception of Duarte Espírito Santo all the other participants lusos immigrants or were born abroad.

The following table summarizes all the shares of Portuguese athletes:

Year City Athlete Proof Classification
1952 Oslo Duarte Espírito Santo Silva Descent 69°
    António Reis and João Poupada Bob 2 34°
1988 Calgary Jorge Magalhães e João Pires Bob 2 disqualified
    António Reis, João Poupada,
João Pires and A. Reis
Bob 4 25°
1992 Albertville Georges Mendes ... Injury; not competed
    Georges Mendes Descent 30°
1994 Lillehamer Georges Mendes Super giant slalom disqualified
    Georges Mendes Giant Slalom 41°
1998 Nagano Mafalda Queirós Pereira Acrobatic skiing 21°
    Fausto Marreiros 5.000 m (skating) 31°
2006 Turin Danny Silva 15 km (cross) 94° participants between 99 and 97 that finished.


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